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    Lumagen® announces the first Radiance™ Video Processor with integrated Darbee Visual Presence™ Technology

    Beaverton Oregon, March 4, 2013 – Today, Lumagen® announced the availability of the first Radiance™ video processor with integrated Darbee Visual Presence™ (DVP™) technology. The Radiance 2021™ includes all the video calibration and setup features of the award winning Radiance product line, with the addition of DVP™ technology.

    Lumagen’s president Jim Peterson stated, “Darbee Visual Presence is a great fit for our video processor product line, which includes the CEA™ 2010 Platinum award winner for Video Product of the Year, the RadianceXE™. We are always working to improve the video quality available to our customers and see Darbee as a great way to add value to our products."

    Larry Pace, DarbeeVision’s President, stated “Lumagen’s award winning products have consistently earned a reputation for enabling a superior video entertainment experience. Their very popular Radiance video processor line delivers cutting edge technologies, making them a natural fit to partner with DarbeeVision. DarbeeVision's proprietary technology takes video images to the next level of reality for the home theater. Darbee uses a unique and patented approach to deliver extremely lifelike images that make the original image seem dull and flat by comparison, and so is a fitting addition to the Lumagen Radiance product line.”

    The Radiance 2021 supports four HDMI inputs, plus two HDMI outputs and a COAX audio output, in a 17 inch “1U” rack mountable case. Similar in input and output capability to the RadianceXS-3D, the Radiance 2021, by eliminating analog video inputs, is a nod to the all-digital theater that is becoming common in the industry. It supports input and output rates of up to 1080p60. The Radiance 2021 includes all the calibration, setup and processing features of the industry leading RadianceXS-3D video processor, such as 125-point linear-Gamma RGB color palette CMS, 21-point parametric gray-scale and Gamma, a host of setup features, Lumagen’s industry leading No-Ring™ scaling technology, and support for 3D scaling and conversion between 3D formats for displays and projectors that do not support all the common 3D formats. The Radiance 2021 has a USA suggested retail price of $2795.

    The Radiance Altera® Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) based architecture has maintained its industry leading position due to its ability to add new architectural features in the field, long after purchase, by updating the FPGA program. The Altera Cyclone II™ FPGA allowed Radiance products to introduce frequent software updates that have included a number of hardware algorithm improvements. Among these are 3D scaling and calibration, and the new 125-point Linear-Gamma RGB CMS. The Radiance 2021 is the next step forward in this architecture. By using the Altera Stratix III™ technology to increase both performance and available FPGA resources Lumagen was able to add the DVP™ technology to the Radiance 2021, while maintaining all current RadianceXS-3D video processing features.

    About Lumagen
    Lumagen provides solutions for video switching, calibration, processing and scaling. Together these features allow knowledgeable integrators and enthusiasts to enable the best quality, and most accurate, video images available. Lumagen is a privately held video systems product company founded in September of 2001. It is headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon, USA. For further information email, call 503-574-2211, or visit

    About DarbeeVision
    DarbeeVision Inc. was founded by Paul Darbee and Larry Pace to commercialize system products, discrete hardware, and embedded solutions based on Darbee Visual Presence Technology. DarbeeVision is offering its Darbee Visual Presence technology for consumer electronics product integrations. The privately held company is headquartered in Santa Ana, California, USA. For information call 657-600-8241, email, or visit

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