Installation on Kerrostalo?

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    Apologies for writing in English. I hope that's ok. :)

    I have such a situation - I would like to watch ABS-2 (75E) satellite, but upon installation of the dish on my balcony it was proved that there is no signal available. It looks like that nearest corner is blocking the view.

    I have contacted my 'huolto' and they said that it is not possible to put dish on the external wall or on the roof. While I suspect it is mostly right about the wall, is it true that roofs are off-limits for installation of sat dishes? I live on the last floor of 3-floor builiding so the roof of my balcony would be already ok. Who actually decides whether the roof installation of sat dish prohibited, is it some sort of law, or hallitus decision?

    On the roof we have common antenna and attaching to its shaft should work perfectly.

    I appreciate any advise on as to how get myself a permission to install the dish elsewhere but the balcony.
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    You must contact to the Isännöitsijä (the owner of the building) and ask it from him/her.
    By finnish law occupient's "ownership" ends to the outer wall of the balcony, so that outer walls are responsiblity of the building company. So in order to get a satellite dish installed to common area, you must ask permission from highest possible party, in your case from the owner of the building.
    However, if the building is owned by a large company, it may be difficult to find such a person.
    I hope Your dish is not a very large one, say over 90 cm, becouse in very windy day it may take everything off from the roof, if it is not taken aware of.